Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is

Wingdate is an innovative new website offering a different approach to online dating where your girlfriend becomes your virtual “Wing Girl.”

2. What is a “Wing Girl?”

Wing Girl (noun): A Wing Girl is a girl who helps her single girl friend meet interesting people of the opposite sex, often serving as the “ice-breaker” between the two. The main jobs of a Wing Girl include: motivating and facilitating contact with desirable men; information gathering; and protection from undesirables. A “Wing Girl” makes sure her friends only go out with the most eligible bachelors.

3. Who is the “Dream Girl?”

Dream Girl (noun): The term used to refer to the single girl being set up by the Wing Girl.

4. Who is “the Guy?”

Guy (noun): The term used to refer to the single men who are looking to meet their Dream Girl.

5. Does the Dream Girl have to approve her profile before a Wing Girl can start looking at guys?

The Dream Girl needs to approve her profile before the Wing Girl can match her with any Guys, but the Wing Girl can start browsing profiles right away.

6. Is there a way to sort profiles according to location? Height? Interests?

Yes, both Guys and Wing Girls can sort profiles based on multiple fields that appeal to them.

7. Can you sponsor more than one Dream Girl?

Absolutely. A Wing Girl can have many Dream Girls under her wing.

8. Do I need a Facebook account to use

No. That being said, it’s easier to set up profiles on if you use your Facebook profile since Facebook’s connect feature lets you select friends and pictures from your Facebook account to use on

9. What happens if a Wing Girl thinks a Guy is right for her DreamGirl?

If a Wing Girl thinks she’s found a potential Mr. Right, the Wing Girl can do two things: (1) send an invitation to the Guy to pitch the Wing Girl on why he’s good for this particular Dream Girl, or (2) send a “Suggestion” with the Guy’s profile to the Dream Girl under her wing to see if the Dream Girl is interested.

10. What happens if the Dream Girl is not interested in an introduction to a Guy that her Wing Girl selects?

If the Dream Girl is not interested, she will let her Wing Girl know, and the Wing Girl will either reply directly to the Guy, or just move on.

11. Why is better than other dating sites?

Wingdate is better than other sites for three main reasons:

  • is fun. Every Dream Girl has a friend who cares who she dates and wants to be a matchmaker.
  • Other dating sites are filled with profiles that are inaccurate (let’s call them aspirational…) Since the Wing Girl creates the profile of the Dream Girl, there are no exaggerations. Just the real deal.
  • Other dating websites are time-consuming for the Dream Girl. A Wing Girl makes the process so much more time efficient: If the Wing Girl and a Guy communicate directly about the merits of the potential match, they can “cut to the chase” and ask pertinent questions without offending the other person. No wasted time flirting with undesirables, or meeting men who are NOT what they seem.

12. Did you not find the answer to your question?

Okay, no worries, if you still have an unanswered question you can email us at